Steeler, a Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin: a Led Zeppelin tribute band that emerged out of the love for the epic sound of Led Zeppelin. A group consisting of four seasoned musicians that all felt that that exceptional experience of those legendary Led Zeppelin live performances from the early seventies was something that would fit them like a glove. Steeler brings you a live experience in a non stop Led Zeppelin tribute show that truly takes you on a trip. Incredible musicianship and dressed to match, passionate playing and musical curveballs make for a show that ensures a good time for all. But rather than a bunch of musicians who “simply” play a Zeppelin song, Steeler, is mostly a collective. It is the synergy of these four musicians that make it more than the sum of its parts. The musical playfulness, the drive to tear the song apart. To pick up on little jams and see where they go.

The quote from Jimmy Page

When our dvd was done we managed to have Jimmy Page himself listen to some tunes from it and this is what he said:

“Wow, these guys keep the Led Zeppelin flame burning in the best possible way”

You cannot imagine the pride we feel when such an official and heartfelt approval of our work comes from such an authority. It is truly an honor! We would like to thank fans and friends who stood by us on that and other nights, Jean Paul Heck for going out of his way for us and of course Jimmy Page for taking the time to listen to our work.

So who are these guys?

Just four guys, their love for Led Zeppelin and their wish to reproduce those songs with the sound and feel of the times when they where written. When they get together, there is always that moment. Just before they count off their first tune of the evening. They start playing, and man! There it is! That recognisable sound! It just jumps off the walls. The room fills with an energy that can’t be ignored. They can’t ignore it. It is just good. It is just that Zeppelin vibe. They take off and start exploring: “Steeler! a Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin”

Luca Giordano: Steeler a Whole Lotta Led Zeppelin is founded by Luca Giordano. A guitarist who has been playing those subtle but heavy chords and piercing leads that made up the archetypical sound of Led Zeppelin all of his life. Firmly rooted in the blues but with a love for groovy riffs and melody. Armed with his Les Paul, Marshall stack and bow, he freely lets those epic licks, riffs and improvisations flow from his body and soul.

Jan Pieter Hofman: A bass player who was struttin’ his stuff in quite a few different bands. He came across an ad for a Zeppelin tribute band. After a swift telephone conversation, there was an immediate match. He also had great shoes, which is always a plus. And J.P. understood the sound and what this band would be about. Not forgetting that he was well fit on his instrument. JP was the man and he was in! His feisty bass playing fills the room in a way that is seldom heard anymore. Crazy!

Lennard Veldhoen: He had put out an ad looking for a band that just caught our eyes. Within seconds, Lennard joined our group. Growing up with the sounds of John Bonham pounding through his speakers, like Bonham, he breathes that bluesy 70’s drumming. He makes it sound as if the heavens open up and crash down upon us all. And he does this all with a playfulness and freedom that is uncanny. His solo in Moby Dick has become legendary. Lennard is the ideal drummer for that live Zeppelin sound that “Steeler, a whole lotta led Zeppelin” wants to bring you as a tribute band.

Jeroen Nielen: Our latest addition to the band is Jeroen Nielen. A jong self assured blues belter that lives and breathes the freedom that is at the heart of that classic live Led Zeppelin sound. He just had to be the one for our tribute band. Jeroen can squeeze the lemon out of those piercing highs and thunder his way through those pounding lows. He is a wild man with the heart of a puppy. He’ll bring you to tears and make the hairs on your neck stand up.

We feel that Led Zeppelin never intended for these songs to be played as classical pieces. They were vehicles for a group of musicians to pick up and make music with. To stretch out. To communicate with each other and the audience through notes, riffs, chords and emotions. Led Zeppelin did that as no other group and that is what we as a tribute band pay tribute to.

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